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Web Maintenance is the practice of monitoring, updating, and protecting a website so that your investment remains sound and can actually generate a return for your business.

1. Performance Optimization

A slow website kills your business in many ways. Customers will get fed up and look elsewhere, search engines will penalize your website and kick it down to the bottom rankings, and you lose out on all customer referral and growth. We run performance checks and improvements everyday on your website with our web maintenance plans!

2. Security & Malware Monitoring

WordPress is an incredible content management system, however, it needs some maintenance to keep it running strong and securely. This includes updating plugins, themes, and core files and daily cloud backups of your website. An unprotected website is a dangerous way to run your business online. It can lead to attacks and breaches that cost $1,000 – $5,000 to fix and can take your website down for awhile. 

3. SEO Strategy and Content Growth

To get the most out of your website, you need an SEO strategy with continuous content additions. We have Site Maintenance and SEO plans that help with just that. Google loves fresh new content, so we help our clients develop a plan and execute it for their digital growth. 

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