Jack Jorgensen

Founder, Managing Director

"When advertising strikes you emotionally - you've got
something that people will share, refer to, and cherish."

Jack Jorgensen is the founder of our advertising agency, Tenaya Digital He first began his career in marketing & business growth at age 15 when he launched Elite Bulletin. After managing the business for two years, he found his passion in working with companies to grow their online presence.

Now, Jack is the Managing Director of Tenaya Digital and strives to find a new creative outlook on each project we take on. He starts with crafting strategies based on the KPI's of the company and developing a vision plan.

In his free time he loves to ski, travel, and do adventurous activities around the world! He has been to 12 countries and seeks out underground jazz clubs in all of them! His favorite music genre is Easy Listening and Standards and his favorite movies are Goodfellas and Austin Powers in Goldmember.