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Kim Marsh, Pilates X Studio Long Beach, CA

“Tenaya Digital exceeded our expectations! We spoke with Jack from the start over the phone so that he was aware of what we wanted for our new website. He listened, made suggestions and made the perfect website for us! He was patient in all of the little changes and such. During the process we were kept in the loop as to the progress and launch day. I highly recommend this company and the price is great!”

Janet Flint, Space & Time Organized East Bay, CA

“Jack and Tenaya Digital gave me exactly what I wanted in my web site. They are super responsive and intuitive. It all came together very quickly once I delivered my content! The maintenance plan does things for me I can’t or won’t do on my own: backups, updates, uptime monitoring and security. I highly recommend Tenaya Digital Sincere thanks for your fine work.”

Meredith Peterson Homes East Bay, CA

“Tenaya Digital is my online solution for web and social media. They have created a website with great visual interest and an easy to navigate format. Their social media solutions have streamlined the work I need to do to get my messaging across all platforms with concierge type service. They are innovators in connecting with my clients in meaningful and interesting ways!”

Chuck Everett, Remake Waste East Bay, CA

“Tenaya Digital has smart people and offers outstanding resources for building and managing websites. Highly recommended.”

Tracey Chew, TLC Mindfulness Mentor San Jose, CA

“I highly recommend Tenaya Digital website design services. Jack is talented and very easy to work with and incredibly patient. We created a new design template that he had not worked with before and he figured out how to make it work. I am thrilled with the results. He can customize and design a site to be whatever you want. The price is very fair, especially for all the time he spends working with you to make it the way you want it. This was my third experience working with designers to create a website and it was the best, because Jack really listened, and he followed the examples that I liked from other people’s websites and he incorporated them into my site.”

Hal Hill, Quanton Physics East Bay, CA

“I certainly did get my money’s worth and am very happy with the appearance of my home page. You have been a pleasure to work with. It is comforting to know that I have a friend in the website design and management business.”

Ann Parnigoni, Clerestory Construction Consulting East Bay, CA

“Wonderful experience – our new website looks great!“

Elaine Wegenka, Zendragon East Bay, CA

“Jack and I spoke at length about planning a new site, and part of my problem is I hadn’t clearly defined my message. The look of my old site wasn’t light and inviting. With Jack’s unending patience, I was able to realize that the photos of my drawings had to be my own, and I had to have a clearer verbiage. Throughout the process, the experience was one of respect, and patience. Jack Jorgensen is a young man of integrity.”

Sharon Houston, MathClinic SF San Francisco, CA

Jack was great to work with. He is accommodating, professional and I am happy with my site. I was very happy with Tenaya Digital. I believe they will continue to please their customers as they perfect and polish their craft.”

Ryan Cohen, Trade Tracker San Diego, CA

“Tenaya Digital is a fantastic choice for web development. I had them build a website for an app I developed and they were extremely helpful and finished very quickly. I would highly recommend their services.”

Jim Brovelli, Brovelli Construction Orinda, CA

“Thanks for all your dedication to this project Jack! Your team has been very responsive and I am very pleased with the results!”

Craig Southern, Bay Area Camera Guy Bay Area, CA

“Building a website with Tenaya Digital was very easy. They were able to guide me through the process of creating a vision, to develop what I wanted and present a finished project on time and budget.”

Peter Mankin, Mankin Mediation Pleasant Hill, CA

“I recently used the services of Jack T. Jorgensen of Tenaya Digital, to design and implement a website for my mediation business. Jack was diligent and responsive and did a very good job of creating a very nice website. I would recommend Tenaya Digital to any individual or small business who needs assistance in creating a website.”

Amer Budayr, Sunjams Productions Orinda, CA

“Jack is very personable and very professional. He spent the time to get to know the idea behind the project, was willing to work with a platform that we had used before engaging his services, was very efficient in delivering the project as promised. I know that you will be pleased with the work that he do for your business!”

David Berryhill, Morrison's Jewelers Orinda, CA

“I have been hiring web designers since the beginning of web designers and Tenaya Digital is awesome! Jack has not only been a pleasure to work with but he also exceeds my expectations. He is responsive, he has a great eye for design and strong technical skills. Not only did Jack re-build a site that I didn’t like(for which I paid a lot of money), he also does all of my website maintenance, SEO and special projects. With all of the activity of social media required in business now it’s a relief to have a go-to web guy!”

Mike Emrich, Precision Tech Coatings Berkeley, CA

“These guys seemed too good to be true… believe it! They are exceptional. What an easy, joyful experience. I don’t know how we were so lucky to have found Tenaya Digital! Thanks again Jack.”

Jeanne Dowell, Green Buddha Orinda, CA

“Jack, you are my guru of patience. Tenaya Digital did it with such charm, grace, understanding, and kindness. Can’t tell u how much I appreciate all you did, and did it in a way that I am proud to show me and my work……and your work too of course, and your PATIENCE!!! I am very happy and proud of my site.”

Sutter Lindberg, Simple Seeds Company Orinda, CA

“Tenaya Digital is amazing. I have used some other web designers and I felt ripped off honestly. I met with Jack for one hour and 3 weeks later all my visions for the website were overly fulfilled. He went above and beyond, making me a brilliant website that I could have only dreamed of having. I would give Tenaya Digital a 6 stars out of 5. Love it.”