Graphics & Branding

We live in a world based on design and aesthetics. We have a very modern approach to graphic design – and it can be seen in our work. That is why developing a powerful image and an eye-catching brand is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. A website needs strong imagery and branding to craft its message.


We use Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop for our graphic services. From Letterheads to labels for packaging – we have done it. Each application is used for different purposes – we favor Adobe Illustrator for intricate design such as logos and business cards.

Craft a Meaningful Logo for a Powerful Message

The most important aspect of your branding message is your logo – and that is why we focus on logos for our graphic design services. Every logo must tell a story and it must have a deeper meaning than: it just seemed to work.

The Tenaya Logo

Tenaya, is derived from Chief Tenaya of the Ahwahnechee people in Yosemite Valley. It also happens to be the middle name of our founder, Jack Tenaya Jorgensen. We use green in our logo because we have a passion for contributing to environmental conservation projects.

The feather in our logo is meant to symbolize the Native American roots that Tenaya has. The hexagonal shape of our logo (six is a sacred number for the goddess Venus) is symbolic of love, beauty, prosperity, and victory. These are principles that have driven Tenaya from its inception.


The Tenaya logo has true meaning. It has symbolic purpose. It directly engages with our mission. Does yours?