Setting up Subscription Payments with WordPress

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Setting up Subscription Payments with WordPress

Purchase the WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

Having monthly auto-pay subscriptions for your business is a fantastic way to save time and boost organization.

This is not a long form blog post – it’s simple instructions.

First, look up WooCommerce Subscriptions in Google.

Second, purchase the plugin for $199. Then download the plugin and go to your wordpress dashboard > plugins > add new. Then upload the plugin from your desktop or computer files.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to Products.

Creating your first Subscription product

Go to Products, add new and assign a title. Then you want to go to the product information section below the text box. Click the dropdown and select either Simple Subscription or Variable Subscription.

A simple subscription is for products that have one price and are fixed, like our $39 WordPress Support services.

A variable subscription is for products that have different prices for different levels.

When adding your variable subscription, go to attributes to add variations in your products. Once you have added your attributes, go to Variations and click add existing Attributes. Then you will be able to click one of your variations and edit pricing and product information individually.

REMEMBER: when you are editing your Attributes or Variations always click save changes or save attributes AND Update or Publish on the right hand side of the screen.

Now that you have created your first product – go install a new plugin called Stripe Payments for WooCommerce. This is the best payments service offered for Subscriptions in WordPress. Create an account at

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