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Our Maintenance Plans

Site maintenance is crucial. Check out our plans to see how we can help. For custom plans and agency partnerships please contact us. 


Weekly Plugin & Theme Updates, Daily Performance Monitoring, Daily Security Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, Cloud Backups (1x daily).
Client Status Reports (monthly)
Broken Link Monitoring
$70 / hour consulting & updates rate ($10 savings)


Weekly Plugin & Theme Updates, Daily Performance Monitoring, Daily Security Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, Cloud Backups (1x daily), SEO Rankings.
Client Status Reports (monthly)
Broken Link Monitoring
WP Rocket License & Speed Optimization
5 Hours of Monthly Website Edits & SEO
Monthly Google Analytics Reports
24/7 eCommerce Support

Most frequent questions

Have some questions? Here are a few FAQs to get you started. 

Just like cars, websites require maintenance to operate properly. Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors, boost returning traffic, and create new content for your SEO strategy. 

Security Monitoring is very important. It allows us to maintain software and prevent the site from breaches and hacks. Businesses who neglect maintenance could find themselves without control of their online presence and infected with malware, which is an expensive hole to dig out of. 

Slow sites lose customers. Our Performance Monitoring tools allow us to keep tabs on your site speed and fix any issues. 

We recommend two different hosts. Media Temple or GoDaddy. For standard small business websites, GoDaddy works great. For startups or eCommerce, the solutions media temple offers are going to be a bit better. However, both have excellent customer service. 

Google loves fresh and valuable content. It is very important to keep your site updated with new and optimized content when building out your SEO strategy. 

By neglecting to maintain your WordPress website, you can end up with a lack of performance (slow site speed), loss in search engine rankings, and security breaches that can cost anywhere from $1000 – $5000 to repair and get you back to normal.

Client reports are sent out each month to give the client an overview of the maintenance work we are doing. They include analytics, performance & security stats, uptime monitoring, and daily backups. 

We’ve used Squarespace to develop websites in the past. However, we always recommend WordPress due to the fact that it has many third-party tools, called plugins, which improve your websites functionality. In addition to that, SEO rankings will be easier to attain for WordPress, due to extensive internal control over your website. 

DISCLAIMER: Our website maintenance plans are for WordPress websites only. If you are processing more requests, have a more complicated platform, and have a significant amount of traffic, our maintenance fees will reflect that. However, most websites fall under the above pricing plans.