Tenaya Digital

WCAG 2.1 Compliance (ADA)

Comprehensive Website Audit

The first step to compliance with the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines is a comprehensive audit and site scan. Most site scans miss up to 70% of WCAG issues. Tenaya Digital does a full comprehensive audit, reviewing every page of your website with a screen reader and compiling a detailed review of all accessibility issues. After we complete our audit, we submit the audit to you along with an estimate for accessibility remediation. For most small business websites, the audit will be $250. For more complex websites with a larger number of pages, images, and content pieces, the price will increase on a sliding scale and will require a custom estimate from our team. 

Accessibility Remediation

We will submit an estimate for the remediation of your website along with the timeline for completion. Typical small business websites will cost around $650 for remediation services. This estimate can vary based on the complexity of the website and the amount of content and images. We use Assistive Technology Testing to aid us in our remediation as we follow our accessibility checklist. 

The purpose of our remediation is to create an accessible website that creates a better user experience for those that have disabilities such as visual, hearing, or physical impairment.

Accessibility Checklist