Website Design / Dev.

We have used many applications for the development of websites – our favorite is WordPress. Whether you need an informational website, an e-commerce platform, or a robust sales tool – we can help. We focus on the design and functionality of a website – along with carefully picking the software we integrate for maximum performance.

Our Process

We begin by drafting a proposal with the clients specifications in mind. If the client has an existing website – then we develop the platform on our Tenaya Digital server so there is limited downtime to their existing website. If they do not have a website – then we build it on their server for the entirety of the project.

We then develop a rough draft during phase 2 and send it to the client – at which they have a review period to make edits and send additional content. Once Phase 2 is completed – we do a final internal and client review and then launch to your server or go public with the website. After that we apply our Search Engine Optimization techniques!

WordPress and Shopify are our e-commerce platforms of choice! WordPress has hundreds of plugins for building out a high-caliber shopping system. Shopify is perfect for a business thats primary purpose is to sell online. If you are using your website for more then we recommend WordPress.

Every business needs a website. The buying process begins online – if you aren’t optimized with a fantastic website, then you’re going to lose to someone who is. We don’t just build a website. We build a sales tool that will provide measurable growth for your business.

Our websites are an investment. And they start at $2,000 for a great sales tool with a beautiful design. We offer 3 series payment options along with upfront invoicing. Our websites include basic Search Engine Optimization so you can be found online and be more competitive in the market place.