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Web Design

Our website design is done with WordPress.org CMS, and SquareSpace, depending on the requirements of the client. However, we always recommend that websites be built through WordPress for future customization's and the ability to control your design completely.

Our custom websites start at $2,000 and our consulting work is billed at $75 per hour. Contact Jack for more information on our Website Solutions and how they can elevate your business online.

Web Hosting

When choosing a web hosting server, we recommend using GoDaddy Website Hosting. They have four plans: Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Business Hosting. They are highly affordable and some of the plans include an SSL - which is a necessity for creating a shopping or e-commerce website.

When selecting a web hosting server - make sure to select one that is in line with your expected website usage. For example, if you are starting a general consulting website where most of your sales come from offline systems - you may not need the highest level of hosting. However, if you are launching a shopping site where you are selling products that you would like to run nationally or even globally - then you need the best possible hosting solutions. (You can inquire with GoDaddy about what may be best).

Paying too much for your web hosting now? Typical plans run under $20 a month. Contact Tenaya Digital about switching to GoDaddy and cut unnecessary overhead costs today!

Tier 1 SEO

Our Tier 1 Search Engine Optimization is based on the basic principles that your website needs to be found - and without SEO your website doesn't have the purpose it needs. We optimize for your business name - and target your business in the location you operate in. This is included in all of our custom websites.

Call us today for a free consultation on Tenaya Digital SEO services.


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SEO & Branding, Website Design, Website Management
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SEO & Branding, Website Design, Website Management
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