Why Web Maintenance is Crucial

What is web maintenance and why do I need it? 

Web Maintenance is the practice of monitoring, updating, and protecting a website so that your investment remains sound and can actually show a return for your business.

A website is an ongoing process. First, you have to get your MVP (minimum viable product) up and running. Then you will need to continue the project in maintenance. This is where you will see real traction to your website through ongoing optimization and content additions. Google loves fresh content and its crucial that you update your website with high quality content!

What does Tenaya Co. Web Maintenance entail? 

  1. We update your WordPress plugins, theme, and core installation files regularly to keep your website from lagging in performance.
  2. With uptime monitoring, we are alerted to any downtime with your website. We are then able to immediately remedy the situation.
  3. Security is very important. That is why we monitor for security errors daily on your website and are able to fix any issues that arise.
  4. Performance for a website is a huge deciding factor for potential customers. If your website takes forever to load...customers will leave.  Make sure you maintain your performance! We monitor it daily and fix any issues that come up!
  5. Daily Site Backups are very important for protecting your investment. If something happens to your website, you want those backups so that it's easy to fix and you don't have to do a full rebuild.
  6. Monthly analytics will be sent to you for your website through our Client Reports.
  7. Client Reports compile all information above that has been monitored and are sent to you each month for your review.
  8. Website Updates are very important for your SEO. Depending on the plan you choose, you will have a certain amount of allotted hours per month for content updates as well as SEO growth & implementation.
  9. Link Monitoring (NEW) gives us the ability to analyze any broken links on your website that may affect user experience and SEO, and remove those dead links.

Web Maintenance is very important for the success of your website and digital presence. Talk to Jack today to schedule a phone call for help with maintaining your website to get the best out of your investment!