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Jack Jorgensen


I first began my career in the web industry at age 15 when I launched Elite Bulletin, a job connection and growth platform for teens seeking work experience. After managing the business for two years, I found my passion in working with companies to design innovative websites to aid in their digital growth and marketing strategies. I take on one project at a time to maintain complete focus to the design and development of that project. I build my websites with three core concepts: beautifully designed, lead-generating, and accessible to everyone

In my free time I love to play with my dog, Frankie, as well as ski and travel. I have been to 12 countries and am always looking for travel suggestions! I live part-time on a 1978 Trojan boat in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My favorite singer is Frank Sinatra and my favorite movie is White Christmas!

Contact me to schedule a discovery call for your website project: 

email: jack@tenayadigital.com
phone: 925.899.9574