Removing Product Description Text & Changing Default Stock Text

To remove the description text: -> Go to Appearance > Editor. Copy/Past at the end of the Functions.php file.  add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_description_heading’, ‘remove_product_description_heading’ ); function remove_product_description_heading() { return ”; } To change the in-stock default text: -> Go to Appearance > Editor. Copy/Past at the end of the Functions.php file.  add_filter( ‘woocommerce_get_availability’, ‘custom_get_availability’, 1, 2); function […]

Website Running at a Snail’s Pace?

Kick it Up a Notch With These 4 Quick Methods. Are you constantly frustrated with the time it takes to load your own website? Are page timeouts hurting your website traffic? It might seem like these are simply the downfalls of managing your own site, but there are actually several ways to combat this specific […]

Low Cost | Worry Free

Tenaya Digital Offers New Affordable Web Management With the proper training (or a few short weeks with a Web Design company) it’s easy to get your own website– and to even make it beautiful. Depending on the desired level of quality, your very own site could be created with a minimal amount of stress and […]

Online Payments: The Where and How of Cash on the Web

Let’s be frank– we live in a capitalist society, and money makes the world go ‘round. As we transition from a localized system of commerce to a more globalized society, our transactions become less and less limited to the real world, even going so far as to make physical cheques a rarity. This is because […]

The Modern Storefront – Tenaya Digital Announcement

As more and more products become available online through services like Amazon and Ebay, those with access to reliable internet become more and more reliant on online shopping. Even when products are only available for purchase from a location in the real world, the advertising that results in a sale is now most commonly found […]

Rising to the Top with SEO: A Quick Guide for WordPress

Chances are that if you run your own website– especially for a small business where web traffic is essential to success– you’ve heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. To the uninitiated it may sound cryptic, however, it’s really fairly straightforward. SEO is all about optimizing your website so that when a search engine (like […]

Sowing the Seeds of a New Future

Why onetreeplanted.org is the perfect partner for us. After our recent partnership with onetreeplanted.org, many of our clients may be wondering “why would a digital marketing and web design company partner with an environmental conservation organization?”. While it would be easy for us to respond by simply detailing the importance of charity, our desire to […]

Tenaya Digital announces partnership with One Tree Planted

Tenaya Digital announces its partnership with an incredible organization, One Tree Planted, that is devoted to reforestation. We will begin by donating 5% of all management revenue of Tenaya Digital for the planting of trees in North America, Ghana, and Brazil. Our goal is to plant 2,500 trees in the first year since the launch […]

Building Websites? First, Try Learning CSS.

Whether your end goal is a fully interactive animated wonderland or simply a well formatted blog post (like this one), sticking to the simplicity of HTML may be enticing, but will never get you as far as you’d hope. This is why you need CSS. “What is CSS?” you might ask. CSS is an acronym […]