Digital Marketing that increases bookings and brand awareness for your hotel

At Tenaya Digital, we blend creative marketing strategies, powerful analytics and social media to deliver the beauty of your guest experience and craft a compelling brand story for your hotel based on your unique selling point. 


Social Media for Boutique Hotels

Elevate your hotel's online presence through our Social Media Management, crafting engaging content and fostering community interactions to build loyalty and amplify reach.

Connect with your guests with Email Marketing

Unlock the full potential of your customer base with our Email Marketing, blending personalized content and strategic campaigns to foster loyalty and drive conversions.


Drive visitors to your website with Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization program harness cutting-edge strategies and analytics to skyrocket your website's rankings, driving enhanced visibility and superior engagement.

Tell your hotel's brand story with Content Marketing

Transform your brand's voice with our Content Creation, delivering compelling blogs that engage readers, enhance SEO, and establish leadership in your market.


Capture bookings with Paid Ads in Google Search

Maximize your ad spend efficiency with our Paid Ad Management, utilizing advanced targeting and analytics to connect with your audience and boost conversions.

Learn more about our process working with your hotel.

Boost your hotels visibility and engagement with our Digital Marketing programs. 
In our Introductory Meeting, our CEO and Sales Director engage with you to understand your hotel’s unique needs and evaluate how our services can best support your growth ambitions.

During the Discovery Session, we delve deeper into your hotel’s operations, market position, and goals to tailor our marketing strategies effectively.

In the Hospitality Assessment, we conduct a comprehensive three-day onsite visit, with the hotel covering the stay and our team covering travel expenses, to thoroughly evaluate your property and guest experience, ensuring our strategies are perfectly aligned with your specific offerings.

The Comprehensive Assessment provides a detailed report summarizing our findings from the visit, including in-depth analyses of guest experience, operations, and marketing strategies to highlight areas for enhancement.

In the Solution Presentation, we outline tailored marketing strategies and solutions directly linked to insights from the Comprehensive Assessment, aimed at optimizing your hotel’s performance, bookings and guest satisfaction.

During the Strategy and Planning phase, our marketing team collaborates with you to develop and refine strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment with your goals as we move forward with project implementation.

In the Solution Implementation phase, we execute the agreed-upon marketing strategies, employing a mix of innovative and proven techniques to drive measurable improvements in your hotel’s market presence and guest experiences.

In the On-going Marketing Management phase, we continuously monitor the effectiveness of implemented strategies, making necessary adjustments to optimize performance and ensure sustained growth and success for your hotel.



Jack and his team are wonderful! They built be a beautiful website and were very flexible and able to pivot as the scope of work shifted. Highly recommend!

Valorie M.

I had such a great experience working with Jack. Our website had a complete makeover and he made it so easy and simple to do so. Right off the bat he understood what we wanted and expected and he brought to vision our thoughts and ideas. It was a pleasure working with this company.

Lilian R.

Jack was very helpful with our local Rotary website! He assisted us in redesigning our website and adding user-friendly functions. We get compliments all the time on our site!

Kimberly L.

Everything that he set out to do was streamlined and flawless. He was very responsive whenever I called on him and I was able to get all of my questions answered satisfactorily. I highly recommend Jack and his company to take care of all of your website business needs!

Michael F.

He went above and beyond to make suggestions, adjustments, and really dive in with us to make sure we ended up with a website we love. I'd work with him over and over again and am happy to recommend him to anyone looking to create a website.

Christine E.

In mid 2019, we hired Tenaya Digital to take our website to the next level. We needed a partner that was knowledgeable about trends and styles, a creative collaborator, and insightful about what we would need as our business grew and changed.

Julia H.