Client Case Study: Career Transformation Partners

At Tenaya Digital, our mission is to craft an individually tailored strategy to equip our client’s businesses to thrive in digital spaces. Our collaboration with Career Transformation Partners displays Tenaya Digital’s approach, which starts with innovative digital design and content and ends with tangible business growth.

The Challenge

A Dated Online Presence

Career Transformation Partners, a leading career coaching and planning organization, approached Tenaya Digital with a clear challenge: their existing website failed to reflect the
value and accessibility of their services. The outdated design and lack of functionality hindered their ability to effectively communicate their expertise in areas such as LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Career Coaching and Development, and Resume Writing Services.

Our Solution

A Dynamic Website

At Tenaya Digital, we put ourselves into the shoes of our clients to best understand what is working, and how to market that effectively in digital spaces. Career Transformation Partners had all of the qualities of a business ready to grow: dedicated staff, creative packages, competitive pricing, and countless positive reviews from customers. However, their website did not reflect the strength of their business and the accessibility of their services. Our solution was to craft a custom-designed website that not only showcased the value of their offerings but also provided an intuitive user experience. The new website boasts new features, including a smooth and fast interface, blogging functionality, and comprehensive search engine optimization. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the website was individually tailored to serve as a powerful sales generator for the client's business.

Customer Engagement and Business Growth

Following the successful launch of the revamped website, Career Transformation Partners experienced an influx of positive feedback from their customers. The enhanced user experience and intuitive design allowed visitors to easily navigate the site, discover the full spectrum of
services offered, and engage with valuable content through the integrated blogging platform. The implementation of robust search engine optimization strategies catapulted Career Transformation Partners to the forefront of online visibility. Prospective clients could now find and connect with the organization effortlessly, resulting in increased inquiries and business opportunities.

Client Satisfaction

A Dynamic Website

Not only did the new website effectively communicate the value of Career Transformation Partners, but it also contributed to tangible business growth. The client reported a noticeable uptick in new clients seeking services ranging from LinkedIn Profile Optimization to Career Coaching and Development. As strategic partners, we at Tenaya Digital could not be happier with the journey we took with Career Transformation Partners. Our collaboration stands as a testament to the impact of a well-executed digital strategy on business growth, customer satisfaction, and online visibility.


Tenaya Digital has been our running mate every step of the way.

"In mid 2019, we hired Tenaya Digital to take our website to the next level. We needed a partner that was knowledgeable about trends and styles, a creative collaborator, and insightful about what we would need as our business grew and changed. Tenaya Digital has been our running mate every step of the way. They're highly responsive and great at offering ideas and options that would have never crossed our minds. We're about to make a big leap again and Tenaya Digital is right there, helping us make new decisions and staying ahead of our competition."
Julia Holian
Career Transformation Partners

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