Client Case Study: Morrison’s Jewelers

Morrison’s Jewelers, a cherished local jewelry business with a century-long legacy spanning four generations, approached us with a common dilemma: their outdated website failed to reflect its prestigious market offerings and lacked the functionality to accommodate online orders. As they aspired to expand their reach beyond brick-and-mortar, they sought a digital platform that would enable them to connect with customers nationwide while maintaining their high-end reputation.

The Challenge

Modernizing Online Retail Presence

Morrison's Jewelers' existing website, burdened by clunkiness and a lack of e-commerce capabilities, fell short of conveying the luxury and prestige synonymous with their brand. With a rich heritage and a commitment to quality spanning generations, they desired a digital platform that would not only elevate their image but also facilitate online sales to customers across the country.

The Solution

A Bespoke E-Commerce Platform

We embarked on a mission to revolutionize Morrison's Jewelers' online presence, starting with the development of a bespoke e-commerce website. With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted a high-end platform that exuded elegance and sophistication, mirroring the essence of Morrison's distinguished brand.

Key features of the website included an intuitive and seamless checkout process, a stylish dark mode option for nighttime browsing, and an extensive product catalog showcasing the exquisite collections available in-store. Every aspect of the website was meticulously designed and purpose-built to facilitate nationwide scalability and provide both existing and new customers with unparalleled access to Morrison's offerings.


Dark Mode


Driving Sales and Enhancing Customer Experience

The impact of our solution was transformative. Morrison's Jewelers' new website not only elevated its online presence but also served as a powerful sales engine, generating revenue from customers across the country. The streamlined e-commerce functionality facilitated effortless transactions, while the extensive product catalog allowed customers to explore Morrison's offerings from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, the website featured comprehensive information about Morrison's services, alongside easy-to-use contact functionality, enabling customers to engage with the brand seamlessly.

Client Satisfaction

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Morrison's Jewelers was thrilled with the outcome of our collaboration. The new website not only aligned with their high-end image but also positioned them for sustained growth in the digital age. As they continued to serve customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and service, their online presence became an integral component of their success.

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"I have been hiring web designers since the beginning of web designers and they are notoriously difficult and often flaky. I am so grateful that I found Tenaya Digital! Jack and his team are a pleasure to work and they always exceed my expectations. Jack is responsive, he has a great eye for design and strong technical skills. Not only did Jack re-build a site that I didn't like (for which I paid a lot of money), he also does all of my website maintenance, SEO and special projects; when I need images and content refreshed. With all of the activity of social media required in business now it's a relief to have a go-to web guy! Websites are dynamic now and an integral part of business. Your website is your first impression 9 out of 10 times."
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